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Bora Bora

Welcome to Bora Bora. Where we are known for having beautiful teal blue clear water. Not only are the beaches beautiful but we make you feel like your dream vacation. We have our iconic volcano view, that is extinc. The volcano has two peacks one is named Mount Otemanu and the other peack is named Mount Pahia. Fun fact did you know that bora bora is apart of france. Crazy right! Bora bora also is supper small that there are no public transportations. There is less than 9,000 residents who live in bora bora. The island is 29.3 km big. So if you want to go anywhere you would have to use a bike, walk or rent a car.


Relax a white sandy beach Get away from work and come and get a nice relaxing massage. Not only are you getting one of the best massages you could have right infront of beach. Or go out and take a walk out in the beach and loooking at the clear blue water and smelling the fresh air. There is no job for you to do but be in the moment. You could also go in the water and forget about all your worrys and look at some cool animals from under water.


Beach Bora bora is most known for how beatuif and breathtaking there beaches are. I maean they have clear blue water and white sandy beaches.You could go for a swim with family or if you diside you could go on a sea tour. Which is where you would go on a boat and swim with some sting rays,sharks,etc. From there you would go to a privet beach and have luch.Or maybe you could go to a loogon service where you are going to snorkle with sharks. There are endless of things you could do in the beach.

Get Away From The City

Get away from the city Have a get away from the city and get into the outdoors. Bora Bora will have you away from the city and make you feel like your on a privet island. Due to the lack of people who live on island full time there isnt pubic transportatin. So that means if you want to go anywhere you would have to either rent a car, use a bike or walk. So there is no traffic because of how small and little amount of people who live on the island.

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